It is still 100 degrees outside…

It is still light until 10 pm…

I am not done melting, nor eating watermelon, or even getting a little to pink for my health…

Still I saw CHRISTMAS TREES up while shopping the other day! I couldn’t believe it.

I know, I know, time is marching on, but sometimes I think we push it a little to far, I mean Christmas trees in October maybe, but its August, I mean the season of summer hasn’t even ended.

I say all this to tell you I looked at my oldest son who was shopping with me and thought,” this is a new season in my life and it to is happening much to quickly. ”

I’m still enjoying all the little things, I still want more time, I’m not done with boyhood. But as with all things I see the changes, they are coming. He is not a little boy anymore, he is a handsome young man with a contagious laugh, a caring heart and a smile that lights up the room.

My little boy is a freshman this year, I can’t believe it. It’s a new season, this Mom is learning all kinds of new things, I’ve not walked this road before. There are so many things I have never thought of happening.

I mean he will be driving in a year, I watch as he makes choices about classes for a career. He talks about his future job, what he wants his life to look like…

So much like the store, I sometimes get ahead of myself, I stress over how my life will be changing long before the changes happen, knowing that God gives us the grace we need the moment we need it. Not years before, not even days or minutes before but right at the moment we need it. So here I am marching boldly into the high school years…it’s gonna be an adventure!

But today, we are eating watermelon, swimming and cherishing the moment.


Sugar Free

So 12 days ago today I stopped eating sugar. Yes, everyone in my house is still alive and well!

Why did I go sugar free? I got tired of not being able to think. I felt like I was in a sound proof room and I could see my thoughts but they were muted and blurry. I couldn’t hold a decent conversation. Frankly I was tired, and tired of feeling out of control of myself. (I know I am in control of nothing, but you know what I mean)

Here is what I have noticed in just 12 short(some longer that other) days.
1. I have more energy
I took my boys on a day trip last week. Something I could not have done a month ago.
2. I am not starving
In fact I am not as hungry as I was before I stopped sugar.
3. I am thinking clearer
This is the first time I have blogged in a very long time. I missed it. But I got so very frustrated trying to find the words that I just stopped doing the things I loved.

I know I have a long way to go and this is a baby step to better health. Today though is a better day, and thats enough.

Is the glass half full or half empty?

I like to think that I am a glass half full kinda gal. Most of the time I can spot the positive in a situation. But this morning I realized I am really bi-polar in this area. I woke up in a glass half empty kinda mood. I did not want to get out of bed, and so I stayed in bed to long. Even though I know it will lead to a bad start to my day and will not help improve my mood at all! Moving along, I choose to skip the shower (stayed in bed to long)even though I know this will help to my improve my disposition. So I skip to the drinking coffee(that always helps) and making breakfast portion of the day. And I should tell you after a cup of coffee I have regrouped and the birds are singing in my life, for about 5 seconds. This is when I discover, Woman! you have a problem! As I opened the fridge to start the breakfast, I find someone really needs to go to the grocery store. Thats okay, I can make something else, but I don’t want to, and now I don’t want to go to the store, and just like that… the glass is half empty again!
If breakfast is this traumatic, I can only imagine how lunch will be!

Birthday Gifts

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a wonderful day. I have to say I did not think it would be. In fact I woke up dreading the day. I’ve never really been bothered by birthdays, but its been a rough couple of years and for the first time I felt, well… not as young as I would like. However, by the end of the day I was overjoyed at all the blessings.

Let me tell you about my day,

I woke up to a sweet text from a dear friend that I love.

My wonderful husband made me coffee and brought me breakfast before he had to leave for work.

I overbooked my morning and had to call in the calvary to help me get things where they needed to be. Thats when I realized, I have a calvary! Who knew? My favorite human KC @ Average:More or less, jumped in without hesitation and took care of my booking problem. I’m always thankful for KC and her family, but often times I forget how thankful I should be.

My Granny rode to town with me to take the boys to art and I realized how blessed I am by her. I truly don’t know what I would do without her.She made me my favorite cake (spice cake with icing!)

My friend Brienna showed up at art lessons bearing gifts and balloons! Then invited us to spend the day at the pool. Let me tell ya, we were the only people at the pool. How is that for a birthday gift!!! The kids had a blast. I even went down the water slide. I had a good time enjoying my family and friends.

I know, it sounds like a good day, but it was not just a good day. It was a fantastic day, all day long God revealed to me how He takes care of me. I am surrounded by people that I love and that love me back. That is worth more than gold.

I don’t write this to brag. I write it to say, take some time today and Thank God for all the blessings. Don’t get bogged down in the stuff of life. Look around at the people who love you and spend some time with them. Life is short, make your days count!

Watch Yourself!

     Mothers Day weekend is the homeschool book fair in Arlington. So we made it a little mini vacation. It was so much fun to get out of town and relax. All the way until someone broke out our back window.

     We were headed to the conference, everyone was in a good mood, ready for a fun day.

      Then we get to the car. Dean had backed it into the parking spot so at first nothing seemed amiss. The boys hop in the car and then….( you hear dun dun dun, accompinied by the ominous sounding music) things were said that can’t and shouldn’t be repeated. I freely admit our first reaction was not good. Thank goodness for wonderful friends who stayed with us and helped us out. Moved our children out of earshot, and come along beside us and helped us figure out what to do. I know what your thinking, you’re in Dallas, call someone to fix the glass and move on. Can you believe no window was to be found? Again our reaction, not so good. 

     We finished our mini vaction after Dean and Aaron gorilla taped the back window and we moved on and decided we couldn’t let it ruin our good time. (FYI still not fixed, wrong window installed, waiting on a new one, but i digress)

     Fast forward—-we are home, driving  home from the alpaca farm and my youngest son pipes up from the back set,”Dad, you said a really bad word when the window got broke.” 

     All the color drained from both Dean and my faces. He was not wrong, we couldn’t deny we had not reacted in a Christ like way. It was like a hot iron being poked into my heart. My boys saw it all, they took in our actions, and our words, and worse had thought about them. 

     Dean handled it very well, he admitted he had said it, and asked Zeke to forgive him. It was a learning experience I shall not soon forget. One of those parenting moments that taught us the parents far more than it did the kids. 

     Life is always gonna have problems, some as simple as a broken window. In the grand scheme of things, it really is not a big deal, in the heat of the moment, it was. How we react to those things, how we handle them, that is a big deal. Our children are watching us, learning from us. Ouch…

     The lesson is watch yourself, because weather you believe it or not you are being watched, and those little eyes and ears don’t miss much. At least the ones at my house don’t!

I may be doing it wrong!

        I’m reading a wonderful book, with lots of advice on child rearing, and education and house keeping, well life I guess…it’s a book about life. I am learning so much, some of it is just a refresher, things I knew but life got in the way and I stopped doing or just stopped because it was to much work.  

     Last night I’m telling my little family all about this book and how much I’m learning and how excited I am to make some changes! First I am not going to be “telling you again” to do your chores. Maybe this isn’t a problem at your house, at mine it is. Somehow over time it became acceptable to not do your chores unless or until Mom “mentioned it “loudly and often! So the new rule is, I will not be reminding you to do your chores. You know what they are and if they are not done then consequences will follow. 

     It probably sounds much like a talk you have had with your children at some point. Pretty basic stuff. But then my youngest son looks at me and says, “Is this forever, or just for right now? Cuz sometimes its just for right know.” Ouch. I have been called out by a 7 year old. He has caught on, I start out with good intentions, but lose steam and slack off, allowing them to slack off and eventually its back to the if she don’t see it, we don’t gotta do it ,routine. I gotta win this battle. Right? So I say it’s forever, I mean it.

     Without skipping a beat my little sweet boy looks at me and says,”Did this come from the bible?”  Oh my! this one pays attention. Any wavering at this point and I lose this battle. So, I sit for a minute, gathering my thoughts, all the while my oldest son telling him to hush, he knows that if he rolls with it ,this to shall pass, but Zeke, he isn’t going to let this go. Yes, it is all biblical. I explain that it’s my job to help him become a man, and that doing his chores and school and obeying his parents are part of that training. He is fine with this explanation. 

     I’m sure he won’t spend anymore time thinking about it. At 7, it is what it is. I have done nothing but think about it. How important is it that we stay the course, even when it’s hard and life gets in the way. My family looks to me to keep things running, and there is comfort in knowing that I will do that. More importantly, it is my job, my lifes work, my calling. I had not put much thought into who is watching me, and how my ways were effecting them, but here he was looking at me and telling me, Mom, can you be trusted?

      I now pretty heavy stuff for a Friday!

      I’m not telling you how to run your home, or how to do your job. I’m simply telling you that sometimes, we can all get caught up in other stuff, not bad stuff, but stuff just the same, and lose focous on what we are to be about doing. Sure we all need a break every now and then, but don’t let the break be the rule. Keep your focous and don’t lose heart. I may have been doing it wrong, but it’s never to late to start doing it right. So if you are doing it wrong, start with me today! Lets strive to do it right!